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Fuelling Our Futures


Fuelling Our Futures is an online, inquiry-learning unit available from Education Queensland's Learning Place (after clicking on the link, enter your your DET Logon ID and password to access the Fuelling our futures website). The unit is part of a curriculum program to support teachers and students to understand the impact of energy use on the environment and to encourage sustainable behaviour change.

Developed for students in Year 6, Fuelling Our Futures provides learning opportunities for students to explore why we need to reduce our electricity consumption and how we can do that by working together and adopting a range of efficiency and conservation measures. Online and offline activities encourage students to consider and evaluate contemporary ideas and information related to electricity consumption as part of wider environmental issues. Students also explore the role that scientific knowledge plays in making decisions about living more sustainably, such as adopting energy efficiency measures and conserving energy resources.

A diversity of collaborative online and offline learning experiences provide opportunities for students to examine innovative and sustainable practices, evaluate personal energy consumption and make decisions and set goals for future action. The unit is supported by a comprehensive teacher guide, assessments and guides to making judgements.